B2B Sales Techniques For Cloud Kitchen

1. Create Offer

a. For whom?

Be specific on whom to serve your food. Targeting a specific group can help you get more responses.

  • You can target small scale startups
  • A community of staffs from offices can be targeted

b. Serving time

Choose a specific time, when you will serve. Also, that depends upon whom you have targeted. 

  • If office staff, then breakfast can be provided. (mostly office employees do not have time for having breakfast at home)
  • Also for office staff or any startup companies, lunch can be served.

c. Serving Dish

  • Now, what are the dishes you would be serving? Again, it depends upon the target chosen. 
  • The menu can be designed according to the group’s interests. Providing them the clarity of what you will serve will make them respond faster.

For Example, Lunchbox from Rebels Food has targeted office staff, students, bachelors who are working from home or having online classes and are unable to prepare food. 

Lunch square from Bhubaneswar (our community) has targeted office-going people, with meals, rice combos, and thali.


d. Package pricing

Price your meals or thali according to whom you are serving. Also, varieties of thali with different pricing structures can be provided. 

  • Apply pricing science while setting the price tag.
  • Set your price on the dishes served as well. 

For Example, Veg Thali – Rs 99/- 

                       Paneer Thali – Rs 129/- 

                       Special Chicken Thali – Rs159/- 

e. Building Trust

It is very important to build trust when it comes to B2B. Businesses will only want to opt for your service when they feel it’s safe and secure to work with you.

  • Place a sticker on your food package saying the Chef as well as the delivery boy’s body temperature.
  • Send sanitizer sachets along with the packages to aware your customers on hygiene.
  • Print certifications on the package of your licenses. (this shows that you are authentic)
  • You can record visuals of how the chef is preparing your food by following all the protocols of hygiene. Also, visuals of sanitization of the delivery van can be recorded and posted on your social media handles.

2. Ways To Approach

a. Email Id 

  • Copy this entire code.
  • Paste it in the google search bar 
  • Google will find all the email ids of HRs of several companies
  • You can search email ids according to your requirement by just typing their job position within the inverted commas.
  • Put the same city name where you are searching.
  • Once you get all the email ids, press ctrl-A and then ctrl-C.
  • Now, go to and paste it on the email extractor.
  • Now, click on extract.
  • Here’s a template of an email body which you can send by filling required details to company HRs as a proposal.
  • Also to follow up with them, either hire a team or you can use yesware which helps in setting up reminders to send mails again on set time and date to specific HRs.

b. LinkedIn

  • Approach the company’s HR and send them your proposal or convince them for a one-to-one telephonic call or zoom call.
  • The same email template can be used as a proposal also.
  • Find HR groups on LinkedIn and add yourself to them. Post your proposals inside the group.

c. Phone Call

  • Call HR departments of organizations and offices and aware them of the current situation along with convincing them that you can provide them a safer environment when it comes to food. Tell them that you are concerned for the staff, so you are willing to provide healthy and hygienic food. 

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