Best Social Media Marketing Tips For Cloud Kitchen

Social media marketing has become one of the best marketing techniques in this digital generation. Social media platforms have become the hangout place for 90% of the people, no matter which age group you want to target, which locality you want to target, which gender you want to target, everything is possible through social media marketing. 

Using social media helps you build brand awareness, increase your customer base, and connect with current customers. It allows you to target your specific audience and grab their attention towards your service. It helps your brand to reach millions of customers worldwide. 

Being a cloud kitchen owner, you have to be very creative while designing your feed. It showcases your brand value. You have to be authentic about visual posts, stories, writing captions, using proper hashtags, etc. 

Here are some 2021 trendy social media marketing tips to boost your cloud kitchen sales –


Your brand’s presence will grow only when you start interacting with your audience through several contests, posts, stories, etc. Do QnA rounds on weekends to know what are dishes your customers like from your cloud kitchen, organize online contests on special occasions and reward your customers. 

When you interact with your customers, it makes the bond familiar and helps you to make them order from you again and again. Post creative content on your social media pages wishing your customers on special occasions.

Description Of The Social Media Page

Only opening the social media pages of your cloud kitchen brand on various social media platforms is not enough. The customer’s first priority is to know who are you and your description should be such that it grabs the attention of your customer and would definitely make them order from your cloud kitchen. Keep it simple yet informative. Long descriptions turn off the customer.

Considering the example of Faasos, it is so clear and to the point. First, two lines say what it sells, next comes the current discount it is providing, third is the link of its website from where the customer can order.

Facebook and Google Ads

Facebook Ads is one of the best ways to target your specific audience. More than 2 billion people use this social media platform. It provides you the freedom of choosing the age group, gender, locality so that you can only run the ads on a specific targeted audience. 

Google Ads is also a good marketing technique when you want to showcase your cloud kitchen to a large audience. Whenever you run a google ad for your cloud kitchen, it will show on the top of the search list when any of the customers is searching for a cloud kitchen using a keyword related to your brand.

Monitoring Social Media

Many business owners only open their brand’s social media pages just to showcase their product without going through the real statistics. The main aim of being present on the social media platform is to reach out to more people through your creative content and excellent service. 

Analyzing the statistics on what’s the engagement rate of your posts, is it reaching enough audience, how many impressions are being created, etc helps your brand grow on the social media platform. There are many social media tools that provide you the insights of the same.

Re-share Customer Feedback

Encourage your audience to get involved in your posts and virtual contests. Ask them to tag your social media page and drop a review on their page. Highlight those contents in your feed to make the customer feel how much you care about their opinion.

Ask your customer to use your cloud kitchen’s hashtag to gain more attention from people. Share user-friendly content and tag them in your post.

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