Cloud Kitchen – Modes Of Serving People

Being a cloud kitchen, there are various modes in which you can serve people. Unlike restaurants, you don’t need to handle dine-in customers instead, can work in a hassle-free environment with less staff and a definite space. 

For a cloud kitchen, there are multiple ways to target your audience in various forms. These are some of them, that can be done to attract more and more customers.

1. Tie-up with Swiggy/Zomato

Tie-up with food aggregators to be recognized by the local areas. Food aggregator helps in the visibility of your kitchen.

  • When the kitchens are searched by users for the specific area, your kitchen gets visibility which in turn helps you bring in orders. 

The food aggregator covers a 12km radius from the area it is situated.

  •  It shows your kitchen for people near to you as well people residing within 12km from your kitchen. This helps you get more recognition.

2. Direct Order

You can always have your own website or distribute pamphlets to get direct orders. Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads can be run to grab the attention of more people. A personal delivery boy can be hired for delivering direct orders to nearby customers. Reach out to existing customers through Whatsapp and provide crazy offers to make them order directly from you. 

Get reviews from your customers on your google page. (This may help you get more orders as people can judge you on basis of those compliments).

Crazy deals attract customers and make them taste your food.

3. Tiffin/Meal box

You can tie-up with corporate offices to provide them lunch/dinner tiffins. Meals can be provided to small scale factories, workshops, etc. With a minimal price tag of 99/- you can even tie-up with sports centres to provide them with healthy meals. 

4. Occasion orders/Catering

You can take orders for small birthday parties, family functions. You can offer them to provide a dish free on ordering for more than 50 people. Catering can be done if you have good manpower. (Catering service for wedding functions/ceremonies can be taken)

5. Subscription

One of the best ways to have a side income flow from the kitchen. Having a subscription system for working professionals, students, help you get a fixed monthly amount. Subscription can be done weekly as well as monthly. They can have an option for a custom menu. (So that they don’t get bored of eating the same thing daily)

I hope this article will help you in understanding the multiple ways you can serve people through your cloud kitchen and help gain more customers. If the blog is worth enough to read, then do give a thumbs up and share it with your mates. And do comment below your feedback!

Thank you!

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