How to start your cloud kitchen from home?

Yes! you saw it right. It is definitely possible to start a cloud kitchen from home. 

People often don’t start their cloud kitchen thinking of the high rent they have to pay for the commercial spaces, but they are not aware of the fact that Cloud kitchen is a ghost kitchen that isn’t visible to your customers. So, whether you have it in a rented place or at home doesn’t really matter until the food served is of the best quality.

Reading this blog would help you know what are the things required to start your cloud kitchen from your home.

  1. Investment

The initial investment would be comparatively low when you start from home. You can save on high rents that you might have paid when starting from rental space. The existing equipment can be used for cooking, so no additional investment in buying equipment. The salary of a skilled chef can be neglected if you can cook yourself.

    2. License

There’s a misconception in people’s mind that it is not legal to start a cloud kitchen business from home. Is it so? Well, there are specific licenses to be issued by the owner that makes him/her legally run the cloud kitchen even from home. 

The licenses are FSSAI, Shop establishment act, and Trade License. Other than these, while starting a cloud kitchen from home you have to issue the Non-Objection Certificate(NOC) from both police and society. It ensures that all the guidelines of the society are being followed by the kitchen. 

    3. Equipment

While starting a cloud kitchen from home with low initial investment, try to design your menu based on the existing set of equipment. This helps to save a lot of money on buying new and expensive equipment.

For example, let’s say you have an oven, you can make your kitchen serve bakery items. Cakes, cookies, muffins, etc can be prepared using the oven. In this case, you don’t need to spend on additional equipment. 

     4. Staff 

Staff is mostly required when you rent a commercial space for your cloud kitchen. When starting from home, you can hire a helper or an assistant who can help you and a supervisor to handle the grocery stocks and accounts. If serving a premium dish that requires a skilled chef, you can hire one, or else you can serve people by cooking yourself.

   5. Marketing 

Marketing is moreover the same whether you start from home or commercial space. You can distribute flyers of your kitchen to nearby societies, distribute business cards to your neighbors, use social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to target local customers. 

One best way of marketing is having good packaging for your food. It plays a major role in creating an impression from the customer’s end. Along with packaging, send appreciation notes with orders to gain customers’ interest.

   6. Food Aggregators

Food aggregators such as Zomato and Swiggy also lists home cloud kitchens. The procedure to get your kitchen listed is the same. You should focus more on direct orders rather than depending on food aggregators. They charge a hefty commission on every order, so why not go for direct orders and earn a good margin of profit? You can gain more direct orders by acquiring your customers’ information. You can create more engagement in your social media platforms by offering crazy discounts for the ones ordering directly from your kitchen. 

So, are you ready to start your cloud kitchen now? I hope this article gave you clarity on all the essentials required to start a cloud kitchen from home. If the blog is worth enough to read, then do give a thumbs up and share it with your mates. And do comment below your feedback!

Thank you!

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