The Ultimate Guide To Retaining Your Existing Customers

Most of the restaurant and cloud kitchen owners do not put their effort into retaining their existing customers. Retaining existing customers benefits you the most in several ways. They get you more customers, they order from you frequently, they help promote your brand, etc. 

Always focussing on earning profits won’t make a brand grow. In order to franchise your brand, you have to make your brand big and to do so various strategic techniques are required. Retaining existing customers is one of them. Building long-term relationships with your customers will make them loyal to you. 

This article includes some major points on how you can retain your old customers and help your brand grow as well as earn profits.

Loyalty Reward

As they have now become part of your loyal family, start making them feel royal. Every customer gets overwhelmed when they get specially treated by a brand they adore.

  • Serve them with unique dishes that are not included in the menu. 
  • Offer them crazy deals and discounts on weekend orders.
  • Provide free delivery twice if they order more than 5 times in a month.

These things will encourage them to order from you frequently and they will engage and involve themselves more when it comes to your brand. Also, don’t be a stick magnet, this can irritate a customer. Be consistent to interact, this will attract them to you.

Social Media Engagement

In this digital era, there’s no better way than creating engagement with your customers through various social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, all these platforms help you to reach your customer and make them involved in your virtual events. 

Create virtual content from your kitchen like images of your dishes, videos of preparation of those dishes, videos of safety measures being taken to maintain a hygiene environment within the kitchen, new dishes announcements, weekend contests, etc. Post content frequently and mark a place in your customer’s mind. Reply to the comments of your customers, and tag their feedbacks in Instagram stories.


Customers vary from age to age. The 20th century is addicted to social media but what about 90s people? Aren’t they customers too? How will they get updates on special deals from your kitchen?

SMS is the source that can be used to reach those customers. And also they are very attentive when the notification tone rings up in their phone. So, Send all your deals, offers, event updates through SMS to them and make them be your loyal customer.

Track Feedbacks

Customer feedback should be tracked thoroughly. Feedbacks act like gold in your services. Start requesting your customer to give feedback on your food, on google, on your Instagram, and Facebook posts. Feedbacks also help in a high rating of your restaurant or cloud kitchen which in turn can attract more customers.

Feedbacks also help you to improve your services where the customers think you lag behind. Listening to your customer should be your biggest part of being an owner of a brand. You can make them fill a form digitally through SMS asking for feedback. 

Customer Service

Treating and serving your customers with utmost happiness will lead you to their hearts. Food is something that either makes a person happy or turns him off. So, serving the best quality food with proper hygiene and manners would impress a customer to a high extent. 

Serving food fast with less waiting duration, and responding politely to all of their feedback results in customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction means the best service is provided to the customer.

While it is important to acquire new customers too, retaining your current customers is an easy and smart option. Try focussing more on your existing customer, they will give you new customers regularly. I hope this article will help you with how you can make your existing customers order from you again and again.

Thank you!

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