Why invest in a Cloud kitchen in 2020?

Wondering to invest in cloud kitchen? But not sure whether it’s a good idea?

Let me tell you how cloud kitchens are going to grow in the next 5 years. It would take 10 mins of yours to decide whether investing in cloud kitchens in 2020 is a good idea or not.

Considering the current scenario of the food and beverage industry and specifically the online food service, cloud kitchens have taken all the attention and increased the value for the online food ordering process. It has been one of the profitable food businesses for people having low funds. It is a less risky, high-demand food business in this 2020 era. 

In 2020, the pandemic has devastated many industries, including restaurants and cafes. Business owners of these sectors are now converting their restaurants into cloud kitchens. After this pandemic, people are most concerned about safety and hygiene. Cloud kitchen offers them their desired food on their doorsteps. 

Also, in this advanced technological generation, people like everything to be on their doorstep without them putting any effort. So, investing in a cloud kitchen can be a great option during this time.

Some best reasons to invest in a cloud kitchen in 2020 –

Low Investment

Unlike restaurants, you don’t require a large space or fancy locality to open your cloud kitchen. It can be opened even on the backside of your apartment or a small space near your garage. Cloud kitchen has virtual customers whom they serve via online food delivering service or food aggregators. So, no need to have attractive interiors with shiny furniture. Cloud kitchens only require a skilled chef and a manager. As dine-in services are not there, so no need to hire staff for food serving purposes. 

Cloud kitchen can save up to 50% of the revenue one needs to open a restaurant or cafe. 

Safer Environment

After this pandemic, hygiene and safety are one’s most priority. Providing your customers a safer environment by running a cloud kitchen is easier than running a restaurant. Having fewer people in the kitchen makes the contact between each other minimal thus making the environment safe. This benefits both the staff and the customer from being in the possibility of any health hazard. 


Cloud kitchen offers you the freedom of running multiple brands from a single kitchen. In this case, you can easily scale your chains of brands. You don’t need to buy separate places to operate for different brands by paying hefty rental amounts, instead you can operate all your brands from a single location, single kitchen, and same staff saving a huge amount of money. 

Also, opening multiple brand outlets in various states and cities is easy because the investment will be the same as in the beginning. 


People these days are trusting the cloud kitchen models more than restaurants and cafes. Whether it is a restaurant owner having more than 10 years of experience or a beginner who wants to start a business in the food and beverage industry, the first option for them has become the Cloud kitchen model for its several benefits. 

This model offers easy operation, low expenses, and more efficiency. People trust this model because it assures the ROI faster than setting up any restaurant or cafe. 


While running a cloud kitchen, your costs get reduced to half when compared with running a restaurant or cafe. Low rent, fewer employees, low utility bills, and customer satisfaction make this a profitable model. 

These days, cloud kitchen is an on-demand business and if you build your brand properly, it can be franchisable. Franchises can make you earn good profits. 

If you are thinking of investing in a cloud kitchen in 2020, I would say this is one of the wisest decisions you have taken. Researchers say cloud kitchens will grow 5 times in the coming 5 years, so make your decision faster before any delays. I hope you liked the article and would start investing in cloud kitchens soon. 

Thank You!

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